What Happens When a Death Occurs Far from Home?

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When a death occurs far from home it can cause a lot of stress and confusion for the surviving family members as to what steps need to be taken to bring their loved one back home.
Within the funeral service industry there are resources and protocols in place to deal with this exact situation and it takes place on a daily basis with funeral homes and directors across the country. Your first point of contact should be the the funeral home in your home state where you would like the services to be held. Your homebased funeral director will advise you on the next steps and they will then contact a vetted reputable funeral firm on your behalf in the area that the death took place in to start the process of bringing your loved one back home working together in a team effort.
Once the death certificate, transport permits and logistics are worked out with the corresponding funeral home, The homebased funeral director will advise as to when services can be held and transportation will be arranged by common carrier or transport.

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